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Corporate signage manufacturer Premier Sayina Africa (PSA) and signage company Romano Signs have merged to create PSA Romano – the largest corporate signage company in sub-Saharan Africa.

The companies’ first joint development to cement their commitment will be a new best-in-class signage manufacturing facility in Cape Town, into which the Romano operations will relocate. Construction of the 5 500 m2 manufacturing facility started in November and is due for completion on July 1. The facility includes storage and warehousing components, as well as a small office.

PSA MD Sean Rogers told Engineering News Online that the companies took into consideration the water crisis in Cape Town and installed water storage tanks and water recycling plants at the manufacturing facility. “The facility will also have a photovoltaic solar installation – done by Romano’s solar solutions division – to supplement power from the grid, which also saves water on the electricity generation side,” he said.

He added that the construction of a bespoke new building gave PSA and Romano the opportunity to put more sustainable solutions in place, including a leaner manufacturing methodology. The two companies had similar manufacturing processes and methodologies, equipment and business cultures in place, which ensured a seamless integration once the merger was finalised over a three-month period.

Rogers pointed out that Romano has a stronger presence in the print signage industry, especially in retail applications, whereas PSA has strength in the petrochemicals and automotive dealership market. Therefore, there were no clashes of client bases as a result of the merger. Both companies deliver global and local corporate brand implementations throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including for clients such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, Jeep, Absa, BP, Steers, Ford, Avis, Total, Clicks, Engen, Sasol and Honda.

“The merger will provide strong leadership, depth of experience, complementary manufacturing capabilities, high-tech equipment and a longstanding client base,” Rogers noted. The newly constituted company will remain, and expand within, the respective companies’ focus within the petrochemicals, automotive, food, clothing, banking, quick service and fast food markets.

PSA Romano is a level-four broad-based economic empowerment contributor, with 72% black-owned, 15% black woman-owned, and empowering supplier credentials.

“The transaction was borne out of the realisation that while both PSA and Romano are significant players in their respective markets, a combined business would be greater than the sum of its parts,” Rogers concluded.


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